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Future Looks
August 8th, 2005

This little accessory makes a great addition to your home or office, whether it’s beside the PC or the stereo. I would recommend the DiscHub to anyone that uses optical media on a regular basis. It sure beats putting the discs in and taking them out of their jewel cases every time.

RealTech News
August 8th, 2005

Most of us spend our lives scratching the living Hell out of our discs by stacking them on our desks, ledges, or on bookshelves. Then comes the frantic search for that game disc or the DVD that needs to go back to NetFlix, but today we’re going to protect your discs without changing your behavior an iota: and that little feat of magic come to us from an ingenious little device called the DiscHub.

August 8th, 2005

I’m one of those people who likes to burn discs for the fun of it, and always have them strewn across my desk. DiscHub lets me store my discs in an upright fashion that keeps them from getting scratched to bits, and also means I can see the labels easily.

August 8th, 2005

We like the DiscHub because it's simple, convenient and it lets our pretty CDs decorate our desk. Sometimes we put our DVDs in it and sometimes we put software discs in it.

Gear Live
June 19th, 2005

One of the greatest innovations to come to the computing market in years just got a bit better! The DiscHub was amazingly simple yet one of the most useful things I’ve ever used. A DiscHub not only organizes and temporarily stores your CD’s and DVD’s but it helps cut down on clutter. I own four of the first version of the DiscHub and use them every day.

Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets
June 13th, 2005

We got a few of them to test, and we love the offset slot design that makes an eye catching display. More importantly it makes it easy to read the labels and easy to access discs.  A great office accessory and space saver. 

April 24th, 2005

Practically speaking, the DiscHub is ace. I can fetch a disc in a split second, and put it back in with the same ease. Each slot is slightly offset with each other to help you look for particular discs and removing them from the hub. The neoprene does its job effectively, keeping your discs aligned and firm while at the same time avoids scratching and cleaning the disc from dust.

March 30th, 2005

I have always a mess on my desk. CDs or DVDs end up just between paper and magazines. And of course the CDs are not in their cases. The DiscHub made immediately sense to me and I quickly went through all my mess on the desk to find all loose CDs and stick them into the DiscHub. Now I am a better person.

Rainy Day Magazine
March 27th, 2005

DiscHub is product that solved a problem I didn't even know I had... to have 11 discs neatly organized on my desk and readily accessible. This simple product is elegant, well designed, and most functional! I have used it for a week and it is now a permanent fixture on my desk.

March 22nd, 2005

Hubba, hubba... DiscHub. If you're a gamer or computer user who loads plenty of daily software CD/ROMs rather than crowding his hard drive with applications, this space-saving solution could be your ticket to an organized desk. Voilà - law, order, convenience and protection from scratches all within easy reach.

Johnnie Manzari
March 6th, 2005

I've been using the discHub for about a year now, and it's handy to have around. With the number of discs burned off of a spindle, having some place to put them so that they don't get scratched before they're moved to a book sleeve is convenient.

Overclocker's Online
January 8th, 2005

I have been using my DiscHub for over three weeks and honestly, I couldn’t live without it anymore. Instead of spreading all the discs around my desk, I can slide them nice and quick into this handy lifesaver. Not only does it keep my discs free from scratches, it also keeps them ordered as I don’t have to dig my way through a pile of cd’s anymore.

Gadget Madness
December 16th, 2004

We love the DiscHub, it's a brilliant idea no matter how you look at it. After using ours for a few days, we found that we had a hard time putting our most often used discs back into their cases.... The Force is strong with this one.

December 16th, 2004

What the penholder is to pens and pencils, the DiscHub is to CDs and DVDs. A convenient and stylish way to store CDs on your desk as oppose to the normal stacking route.

Gizmos For Geeks
December 10th, 2004

Simplicity. It's sometimes the hallmark of a great product. It doesn't have to be over-engineered to be thoroughly effective. The DiscHub is a perfect example of this. It was built to do one thing and do it well. You won't remember how you lived without it.

Tom's Hardware
November 5th, 2004

Some ideas are so obvious that we wonder why we didn't think of them ourselves. This inexpensive product could make a great gift for computer geeks who have tons of frequently-used CDs or DVDs lying around. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

MacWorld Gem
September 17th, 2004

Not only was the discHub a good idea, but that the company got the implementation right: The neoprene membranes lining each slot did a good job of holding the discs securely without scratching them, while the staggered slots themselves made it easy to see and grab any disc. One of those things I never knew I needed until I used it. 4 out of 5 mice.

September 10th, 2004

It sort of sneaks up on you, becoming way more useful than it has any right to be. Now I can just slip DVDs and CDs into it instead of queuing them up in a pile on my desk.

August 18th, 2004

It’s a plastic rack with neoprene-lined slots for holding those discs you never seem to put away, instead of stacking them haphazardly all over your living room, thus saving them from the ravages of spilled soda.

Josh Rubin Cool Hunting
August 16th, 2004

Do you like to leave your current favorite CDs out for easy playback and quick visual reference? The DiscHub lets you have a more controlled mess and less damage to your discs by gently holding them in neoprene lined slots.